Whither Nintendo?

I love Nintendo.  I really do.  I love what they represent in the world of gaming.  It's such a unique and venerable company that most long-time gamers can't help but root for them to succeed.

And succeed they have over the past couple years with their flagship Wii and their handheld DS Lite / DSi breaking sales records around the globe.  The innovative, gesture-controlled style of gameplay that those consoles brought to the masses were well accepted by the mainstream, and their hardware sales and first-party software sales took off.

So what's next for the creator of the hottest consoles for the past two years running?  That's right, new colors!  It should come as no surprise to anyone who knows anything about Nintendo to know that the recently released DSi will get several new colors this fall.  And not to be left out of the fun, the Wii's vaunted remote and nunchuck will now be available in black.  I'm not sure why anyone would want black accessories with their white Wii, but I'm sure somebody will pay for it.

And sadly, that's about the extent of the hype coming from Nintendo this holiday season.  The one bright spot for core gamers will probably be the release of New Super Mario Brothers Wii, but other than that lone title, I can't think of any other Wii or DS games that I'm looking forward to seeing this year.  Granted, I may pick up Wii Fit Plus or even Wii Sports Resort at some point, but those aren't high priorities.  My family hasn't really been bugging me to get those games like they did with the original Wii Fit or Wii Play.

Maybe I'm missing something coming down the pipeline.  I really hope that Nintendo doesn't think it can rest on its laurels and ride out the rest of this console generation.  Otherwise developer support for Nintedo's systems, which is already waning, may dry up completely this year.